## FAQ and spareparts (International version) ##

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## FAQ and spareparts (International version) ##

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this thread provides answers to frequently asked questions and gives useful hints to find rare spareparts.

o Towing / Push starting
o Where can I get spareparts
o ID, gear ratio, specification
o Wiring diagram / Electrical schema
o Converting to manual shift

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## Towing / Push starting ##

There are no restriction when towing the Stickshift, neither concerning the range, nor concerning the speed. For further information (at the moment only in german language) refer to the Owner's Manual of a VW 1302 (1971).

Push Starting is accomplished in the following manner: Turn ignition on and select Low driving range. Push or tow vehicle at a speed of at least 15 mph (Courtesy: Owner's Manual, Karmann Ghia, 1971).

## Where can I get spareparts ##

The following information were collected in october 2003. Maybe they're no longer valid at the time you read this. Please contact the companies by yourself. These information should only help you to find some interesting parts.

Company Rocky Mountain Motorworks (USA) offers for example:

Complete Transmission (Product Number: 24 00 1 208 581)
Clutch Servo Repair Kit (Product Number: 113142055RK)
Flex Plate Auto Stick (Product Number: 113 105 323B)

The 'most wanted' sealing ring of the Stickshift is available at VW-Teile Dieter Schmidt-Lorenz (Germany) and at VW Classic Parts Center (Germany).

Here are the october 2003 offers of VW-Teile Dieter Schmidt-Lorenz (Germany)

Sealing Ring
o Modelyear -> 70 : 001 301 083 (not available)
o Modelyear 71 -> : 001 301 083 B (19,- Euro)

Thing around the Sealing Ring and Sealing Ring itself
o Modelyear -> 70: (95,- Euro)

And the october 2003 offers of VW Classic Parts Center (Germany) are

Sealing Ring
o Modelyear -> 70 : 001 301 083 (not available)
o Modelyear 71 -> : 001 301 083 B (25,52 Euro)

Company Bucher Indutec GmbH (Germany) produces all ATF-lines using worldwide System Parker Fluid Connectors (USA). They did great work for my Karmann Ghia Convertible.

Hint: They need the old ATF-line as sample to build the new one. So don't throw it away ;-)

Bucher Indutec GmbH
Hanauer Landstraße 336
D-60314 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 69 40 808-540
Fax: +49 69 40 808-536

## ID, gear ratio, specification ##

I copied the following information out of Bugnet, the largest german aircooled forum. The webmaster gave me the permission to do so. Thanks therefore.

Tranny ID, Produced during, Gear Ratio
BA, 08/67-07/70, 8:35
BC, same as BA, only with lock
BE, 08/70 ->, 8:33
BF, same as BE, only with lock
BG, only Type 14 (Karmann Ghia), same as BE
BH, only Type 14 (Karmann Ghia), same as BG, with lock
BJ, 08/70 ->, 8:35, Beetle and Beetle Convertible
BK, same as BJ, only with lock

## Wiring diagram / Electrical schema ##

Look at a wiring diagram of a 1971 Karmann Ghia (US-Version) to learn something about the wiring of the StickShift.

## Conversion to manual shift ##

The following WebSite provides very helpful information on How to convert a StickShift to a manual transmission. But who really wants to do this ? ;-)

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